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Lower Rio Grande Adjudication

Adjudicación del bajo río Grande

Welcome to the website for Lower Rio Grande (LRG) Water Rights Adjudication

Lower Rio Grande Adjudication

State of New Mexico ex rel, Office of the State Engineer
Elephant Butte Irrigation District, et al.,

D-307-CV-96-888  (aka D-307-CV-888)
Honorable James J. Wechsler, Presiding Judge

Third Judicial District Court

201 W. Picacho Avenue
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005
Phone: 575-528-8370  //  Fax: 575-523-8290

This water rights adjudication is a legal proceeding to determine the priority, amount of water and other elements of each water right in the Lower Rio Grande River Basin.

Persons in the LRG Basin currently shown to own a water right or rights are referred to as “Claimants.”

If you claim a water right:

You are considered a Claimant and have the right to participate in court proceedings regarding:

  • Your water rights
  • Other water rights
  • Matters affecting more than one water right.

If you fail to respond in writing to certain court documents or fail to attend mandatory court hearings, you may forfeit or waive your rights. If you are a water right claimant, you must monitor this proceeding to determine upcoming deadlines and court hearings. Deadlines and hearing dates may be found:

How to file your documents:

  • US Mail and in Person:  Third Judicial District Court, 201 W. Picacho Ave., Las Cruces, NM 88001
  • Facsimile: 575-523-8290
  • Email: lcrdfax@nmcourts.gov (place CIVIL in subject line ONLY)









Following Deadlines are for SS-97-107; Pre-Project Interests

PLEASE SEE:  Amended Second Scheduling Order; filed 12-16-16

June 1, 2017

June 1, 2017:  No later than June 1, 2017, Participating parties shall, without awaiting a discovery request, provide to the other participating parties:  

a)  Name, address, phone number of each individual likely to have discoverable information that disclosing party may use to support its claims and defenses, provided that custodians of records need not be disclosed at such time;

b)  A copy, or description by category and location, of all documents, electronically stored information, and tangible things that the disclosing party has in its possession, custody, or control and may use to support its claims or defenses, provided, however, that no such documents, electronically stored information, or tangible things need be provided if they (i) were admitted as exhibits in the trial of SSI 104 or (ii) were provided in discovery prior to the trial of SSI 104.

June 1, 2017

June 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017:   General discovery shall commence on June 1, 2017 and shall be completed by December 15, 2017.

July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017:  No later than July 17, 2017, the participating parties shall confer and determine whether it will be necessary to call expert witnesses to support their claims or defenses.

August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017:   If any participating party discloses an intent to call an expert witness, the party shall disclose the identity of such expert with his or her area of expertise, address and phone number, to the other participating parties no later than August 1, 2017.  

October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017:  Any expert report prepared for litigation for any participating party shall be disclosed to all participating parties no later than October 2, 2017.

December 15, 2017

June 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017:   General discovery shall commence on June 1, 2017 and shall be completed by December 15, 2017.

January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018Participating parties shall confer in an effort to settle contested issues no later than January 31, 2018.

February 15, 2018  

February 15, 2018:  Any party wishing to file dispositive motions shall file them no later than February 15, 2018.  Responses and replies shall be due according to the New Mexico Rules of Civil Procedure.



Should any of the links fail or should you have any issues with this website, please contact Melody Longwill @ 575-528-8370 or at lcrdmsl@nmcourts.gov

If you require documents not listed herein, please contact the District Court Clerk at 575-528-8397 or 575-523-8273.