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Pre-1906 Claimants’ Expedited Inter SE Proceeding

Pre-1906 Claimants’ Expedited inter se Proceeding

  • LRN-28-002-0185A; NM-9711231, Margie Garcia
  • LRN-28-002-0185B; NM-9711232, Margie Garcia
  • LRN-28-005-0007; NM-9713917, Oscar V. Butler and NM-9713916, Rose Marie Arispe Butler
  • LRN-28-006-0203A; NM-9707544, Oscar V. Butler and NM-9707546, Rose Marie Arispe Butler
  • LRN-28-006-0203B; NM-9707545, Oscar V. Butler and NM-9707547, Rose Marie Arispe Butler
  • LRS-28-005-0034; SM-9702057, Sammie Singh​
  • LRS-28-014-8002; SM-9705478, Sammie Holguin Singh, Jr.

Order Commencing Expedited inter se Proceeding to Determine the Claims of the Pre-1906 Claimants' Designated Representatives to Ownership of Rights Derivative of the Rio Grande Dam and Irrigation Company and Setting a Scheduling Order


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